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TYSC ~ 10/22 make up games

Due to the weather

all make up games scheduled for today,

October 22nd,

Have been cancelled


We will let you know as soon as make-ups are scheduled.

by posted 10/22/2016
TYSC - Game and Make up schedule

Here is the schedule for the remainder of the

TYSC Fall Soccer season:


Saturday, October 22nd

Will be make-up games for the U8 & U10 September 18th games


Prospect street School:

U8 1:15-2:15

Front field: USA vs Mexico  Back Field: Argentina vs Brazil


Upper Fisher Field:

2:45-3:30  U10  England vs Spain

3:45-4:30  U10  Spain vs Italy



Sunday, October 23rd

Regular Scheduled games

Prospect Street School:

U5/U6  12:00-12:45

U8  1:15-2:15

Front field: Mexico vs Brazil  Back field: Argentina vs USA


Upper Fisher Field:

2:45-3:30  U10 Italy vs England

3:45-4:30   U10  Italy vs Spain



Saturday, October 29th

Will be make up games for U8 & U10 October 9th games


Prospect Street School:

U8  1:15-2:15

Front field: Argentina vs Brazil   Back field: Mexico vs USA


Upper Fisher Field:

2:45-3:30   U10  Italy vs Spain

3:45-4:30   U10  England vs Spain



Sunday, October 30th

Regular Scheduled Games


Prospect Street School:

U5/U6  12:00-12:45

U8  1:15-2:15

Front field: Brazil vs Argentina  Back Field:  Mexico vs USA


Upper Fisher Field:

2:45-3:30   U10   Spain vs England

3:45-4:30   U10   Spain vs Italy



Sunday, November 6th

U10 Mario Celli Championship Game

Time to be determined



For all U10 games players and coaches will sit on one side of the field and

all spectators are asked to please sit on the opposite side of the field


*Please note that only handicapped and emergency vehicles are allowed to park at the top of the hill, all others are asked to please park at the school. Coaches can drive up to unload but please park at the bottom.*



by posted 10/20/2016
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